Andrew Jenkins


Andrew can be seen on the hit BBC1 reality TV show ‘The Traitors’ on BBC iPlayer – the show aired weekly throughout January 2024.


In 1999, Andrew suffered a horrendous car accident at the age of 21. He was pronounced dead on the side of the road and then spent 4 weeks in a coma fighting for his life. Doctors told his family he had severe brain and if he was to wake from his coma the likely hood was, he would not recognise anyone or be able to walk, talk or use his arms again. Luckily when he woke, he remembered who people were but was told he would never walk again. Andrew proved doctors wrong and with determination and belief learnt to walk again in just a few weeks. Like many young children living in Wales, Andrews dream was to play rugby for his country and run out onto the hollowed turf of the National Stadium. The accident ended all hopes and dreams he had of playing for Wales, but he also lost his identity as a rugby player.


The physical injuries Andrew sustained were terrible, but the hardest battle Andrew faced was with his mental health. He bottled his feelings and emotions up for nearly 24 years and has only recently spoke to his family about his mental struggles. Andrew has done a lot of reflecting, studying and self-analysis over the past few years, he is now in a good place in life. After meeting the Doctor who saved his life in 2022 who called Andrew a ‘miracle patient’, he now wants to share his experience to help motivate and inspire others. He does motivational talks to various audiences to help try and break the stigma around mental health, proving to people that you can achieve great things in life even after suffering adversity.


Andrew is currently working as a Commercial Insurance Broker and does security work for Cardiff City Football Club. He hopes one day to take up a full-time position in the mental health and wellbeing arena. He has been given a second chance at life and now wants to give back to others who may have suffered a trauma.

Andrew’s inspiring story is one of heart ache, determination, resilience, and grief but also positive and uplifting. He has big plans for 2024 and really hopes to inspire many people and try to help end the stigma around mental health.



‘Inspiring, thought-provoking and provided actionable insights that I can implement to help me on my journey.’ – Corrine John


‘The importance of story telling from those who have experienced trauma and overcome their difficulties is inspirational.  Andrew’s story is indeed inspirational, his emotion is raw, and I know will be helping others know that whatever your struggles in life, anything is possible with the right mindset.  – Zena Hall


‘Andrew’s talk was brilliant; it left me feeling not just uplifted but truly inspired and motivated. His authentic storytelling and down-to-earth character not only made it easier to relate but also deeply resonated with his invaluable advice. I hope he can continue to inspire many people in this way.’ – Kathryn Haigh