The Great Indoors BBC Wales
Presented by Scott Quinell
Gangs of London Featuring Owain Gwynn International Tour
Featuring Mark Matthews
War Horse
Les Miserables UK and International Tour
Featuring Aaron Pryce-Lewis
The Book Of Mormon UK and International Tour
Featuring Chomba S. Taulo
Jamie Johnson CBBC Tonya Smith & Rae Carpenter Coronation Street Featuring Kate Spencer & Mudassar Dar The Phantom Of The Opera Adam Robert Lewis The Left Behind BAFTA 2020 Winner featuring
Jalisa Andrews and Jams Thomas
In My Skin Hulu and BBC Three
Starring Rhodri Meilir
Keeping Faith BBC
Featuring Demi Letherby, Jams Thomas,
Morgan Hopkin, Rhian Blythe and Rebecca Harries
Scrambled CITV
Presented by Robyn Richford
Grace's Amazing Machines CBeebies
Presented by Grace Webb
BAFTA Cymru 2020 The Regan Talent Group is represented
across the board at this year's event
Full List
Merched Parchus Written and Created by Mari Beard & Hanna Jarman
BAFTA Cymru 2020 Nominated for Best Writing and Breakthrough
Also starring Mali Ann Rees and a whole host of Regan Talent
The A List Season 2
Ynysoedd Cymru S4C/Cwmni Da
Connagh and Wayne Howard