Victoria Scone


Drag Race UK Series 3’s Victoria Scone made history being the first cis-gendered woman to compete on the show. She was immediately a fan-favourite and gained a rapidly growing following.

Victoria has travelled the UK on various tours, including her most recent one-woman show JAM PACKED, which played to sell-out venues in major cities.

In 2018 Victoria made it to the grand-final of Drag Idol UK and since then has stormed the U.K. Cabaret scene performing up and down the country. As a cis gendered female Drag Queen she has worked with a plethora of both traditional and alternative drag performers. Victoria intends on using her platform to uplift and support marginalised performers/voices in LGBTQ+ community.

Since the show aired, Victoria has worked with some world-wide brands on social media campaigns, using her extravagant looks and artistry to create memorable content.

Represented by Oliver Williams & Geraint Hardy