Robbie James


Robbie James is an award winning Presenter, DJ, nerd and ‘don’t take yourself too seriously’ advocate (although bafflingly no awards have been won for the last two, but give it time).

Following an attempted cricket career – Robbie started working on Capital Breakfast before presenting his own drivetime show across the south coast on Express FM for two years. Since then he’s worked across various BBC Radio stations on both a national and local level; presenting music, entertainment, and lots of sport – with a love for embracing his inner radio geek to provide a welcome distraction and some company through the most intimate medium of them all.

Of course though, we all have egos to fulfill don’t we – so he still loves to stand on stage, pitchside, or host podcasts – as well as play DJ sets inside stadiums and festivals across Europe. Robbie’s also been the face of various projects for the likes of Samsung, The Earth Foundation and National Education.

Robbie devotes his time and efforts to gaining the trust of those he’s presenting to, which in turn allows him to introduce them to new music, anchor a sports broadcast or guide them through an event, feeling as if they know Robbie personally, and know he’s got the back of the listener or viewer.

When he’s not doing any of this, he’s eating cheese and telling everyone how great radio or cricket is, as well as convincing you he’s Scottish despite his (very) non Scottish voice.

Robbie is also an ambassador for children’s hospice Naomi House & Jacksplace.

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