Joe Forrester


Joe Forrester has done everything, from hosting shows about saucy toys to trying to learn to be a sword-swallower on TV and spent years as an entertainment specialist covering movie premieres and doing celebrity interviews for ITV2 and 4Music; making Brad Pitt laugh, Simon Pegg angry and Rachel Weisz scared.

Right now you can hear him on talkSPORT’s record-breaking podcast The Hit, see him on Sky1’s What’s Up TV and pretending to know about modern music on Pop Profiles on 4Music, as well as doing his serious face on Discovering Music and Unmuted on Sky Arts, where he has presented items about a wide range of cultural issues from homelessness, racism and miscarriages of justice to Deep Fakes and Cancel Culture. He is also currently working on his own long-form documentary about mental health.

Joe is a sport specialist and as well as talkSPORT, was also a presenter across LoveSport Radio’s flagship programmes and’s Premier League series’ The Pressure Challenge and That Weekend Tho’, which went out to their social media audience of over 22 million every week.

If you want things to get a little more silly though, you can hear him interviewing celebrity guests on his podcast, That’s Embarrassing or watch his award-winning comedy short The Return Horne, which is in production for an even more bizarre and unsettling sequel.

Joe is also an experienced producer and director, creating films for major ad campaigns including projects behind-the-scenes at New York Fashion Week, excavating artefacts from Byzantine shipwrecks in the Black Sea and in Second World War bunkers in Hong Kong.

Joe is also a massive history nerd and likes castles and old buildings, something he was able to indulge as the host of the Viral History Podcast. Pretty Rock and Roll aye?

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