Ameer Rhys Davies-Rana is a multi-talented young presenter who speaks 4 Languages: Welsh, English, Urdu and French.
He made his S4C debut on ‘Hansh’ in 2017 with ‘Sgrameer’, a series of Welsh comedic shorts. The popularity of these led to a series of 15 episodes, over half a million views online and resulted in a TV slot on S4C on Thursday and Saturday night.

He has presented many corporate pieces for Global Media and has voiced several campaigns for Heart and Capital FM. He has also co-hosted with the likes of Carol Vorderman on BBC Radio Wales on a Saturday afternoon. He has directed, presented and produced corporate videos for brands and businesses, such as ‘Mario’s Ice Cream’, the top ice cream producer in Wales. Ameer has also recently been involved in Organ Donations Wales’ campaign, ran by Golley Slater.

Ameer can also often be seen touring and presenting around the UK, hosting talks on the Welsh language and his recent rediscovery of his family roots, and their belief in Islam.

Represented by Geraint Hardy