Ameer Rhys Davies-Rana


Ameer is a 23-year-old from Ammanford who is fluent in both Welsh and English. He is half Welsh & half Pakistani. Ameer first appeared on ‘Hansh’ 3 years ago (still present) on the big hit series “SGRAMEER” for S4C’s online/digital channel. As of today, Ameer can be seen/heard of touring all over Wales as a guest-speaker in all educational departments such as; schools, colleges, universities, etc. – promoting the Welsh language through his media-based career as part of the 1 million Welsh speakers’ campaign. Ameer is a confident presenter, experiences with work Online, on Television, Corporate, Commercial, Radio, VO or Events! Ameer has frequently collaborated with big brands such as; Global Media, Heart FM, Capital FM, BBC Bitesize, BBC Radio Cymru, BBC Radio Wales, BookTrust, Ffilm Cymru, Wild Flame, Golley Slater, Organ Donation Wales and much more.

Represented by Geraint Hardy