Ameer Rhys Davies-Rana


Ameer is a 24-year-old from South Wales who is fluent in both Welsh and English. He is a mixed-raced Welshman with Pakistani roots/ethnicity. Ameer first appeared on Hansh; S4C and Wales’ most popular Welsh online media platform – Presenting a series of comedic food reviews. As of today, Ameer is well-known for his campaign/business; 1Miliwn. Which consists of touring around schools, colleges, universities promoting the Welsh language. Ameer can also be heard presenting his own radio show on Friday evenings with BBC Radio Cymru from 6-8pm to get his listeners in the mood for the weekend! He can also be seen traveling around welsh rygbi clubs meeting those on grass root levels that keep the clubs going on the popular rygbi show Ty Rygbi. Ameer has frequently collaborated with big brands such as; Global Capital FM, BBC Bitesize, BBC Radio Cymru, BBC Radio Wales, BookTrustFfilm Cymru, Wild Flame, Golley Slater, Organ Donation Wales and Welsh Government.  
Ameer is a confident and experienced presenter and has a huge future ahead of him.  

Represented by Geraint Hardy