Abi is an independent British interior designer and stylist, specialising in luxury residential design. She was London born but grew up on the coast of Pembrokeshire.

Her style is a mix of geometry and linear forms, often contrasting with soft curves and delicate structures. A combination of femininity and masculinity, or city vs coast, much like her upbringing.

Symmetry is a strong feature throughout Abi’s designs, the importance of creating balance is key for her when creating any space.

She has worked on homes across the UK, from modest townhouses to central London mansions, consistently creating a luxurious feel throughout.

Abi began her career as a model. She has worked with some of the UK’s leading commercial agencies, and because of this has a unique inside knowledge of the fashion industry.

She also has a strong passion for music and runs a clothing brand, ‘Concrete Junglists,’ based around the Drum and Bass scene with her partner David.

This niche brand sells worldwide and is often worn by the ambassadors of the scene.

Abi is now developing her career in TV. She has a natural way with the camera and thrives when talking about her passions.

Represented by Geraint Hardy